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Model: FLG

Flange Heater


FLG Model
Flange Heater

Designed for heating and measurement in pipes, tanks, pressurized vessels. As it is directly immersed, it provides the most efficient transfer of electric heat energy to the work. The flanges or bushings are either welded or brazed to the tubular heating element and are 100% tested under pressure to ensure a liquid tight joint. The terminal housing size design will depend on  the bushing or the flange size of the heater. The thermopocket is a protective, liquid tight tube that is incorporated on the immersion heater of precise positioning of an internal thermostat bulb or temperature control sensor. This is an optional item which is well brazed or welded to the mounting flange. Thermostat is another optional featur for safety temperature cut off feature for safety temperature cut off. Hence, based on your requirement, we are able to provide a customised and rounded solution based on your requirements.

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