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Model: TM-917

0.01°, PT100Ω, Type K/J/R/E/T, High Precision, RS232 Precision Thermometer


Professional Thermometer with high accuracy & 0.01 resolution

Build in 0.01 & 0.1 select switch on the front panel

RS232 computer serial interface

Accepts multi type temperature probe input: platinum PT100O, thermocouple type K/J/T/E/R

PT100 probe input cooperate with an 0.00385 alpha coefficient, DIN IEC 751

Cooperate with 4 wires PT100O probe, high precision

Super large LCD with unit display, easy readout

Data Hold function to store thee desired value

0.01 High resolution for both platinum & thermocouple probe input

Memory function to record the Max & Min reading with all

Wide range display from -199.99 to 850

Wide range display from -100 to 1370°C (Type K)

Built-in REL button, useful for relative measurement

Built-in low battery indicator

Built-in & select button on the front panel

Optional heavy duty & compact housing cases available

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